Welcome, reader! We are Willy and Charlotte King, we have been married since 2014, and have two (soon to be three!) children- Angus, our oldest, and Raylin, our wild child, and a new little one due any time!     Willy currently works as an electrician in our community and Charlotte is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools Angus.

   We were both blessed to grow up in church and in Christian homes, Willy coming to a saving knowledge of Christ at the age of 7, and Charlotte responded to the Gospel at the age of 14. Willy and his family attended Grace Place several years before Charlotte and her family began to visit and eventually join Grace Place in 2010. God has used the thorough, biblical teaching of our home church to grow us both so much through the years! But, something was still missing for both of us. In 2018, we both started to struggle and ask the question, “Is this really all there is for us?” We didn’t feel like life was really only about working to make money, to buy a house and be comfortable- there had to be more than the “American Dream”.  Even though we were serving and engaged in our church and we both loved the Lord, there was still a hollow feeling in our hearts until we responded to a nudge from the Holy Spirit to attend a missions conference called CROSS in December 2018. Not knowing what God had in store at the time, we said yes and committed to going. We thank God we were obedient and went! While we were at the conference our eyes and hearts began to see and hear the cry of the lost and unreached people groups of the world in a way we never had experienced before! God softened our hearts to see those people as He sees them, and to see that He desires us to reach out to them on His behalf, to be His hands and feet to the nations!  We have sought to listen and obey Him in this calling by studying His word and growing deeper in love with Him, and by preparing practically to go into the field some day! Only by His strength and provision can we make it there, but we trust that He is faithful to complete the work in us that He has begun!